Question: What is Nero Chat?
Answer: Nero Chat is 3-in-1 Chat solution for websites. It includes a web-based Live Chat software, Live Chat Mobile Application and a Virtual Agent tool.
Question: Why do I need a Live Chat functionality on my website?
Answer: Live Chat gives you the ability to chat with your website visitors in real-time. It is designed to assist your consumers in purchasing process, answer their questions on the spot, increase sales and conversions, reduce online abandonments, improve the efficiency of your customer support and understand what your prospect's desire.
Question: Who is Virtual Agent?
Answer: Virtual Agent is a computer program that simulates a live chat session where visitors can ask questions and receive auto-generated answers from a virtual agent.
Question: Why do I need a Nero Chat Virtual Agent tool?
Answer: Because it is so simple and powerful for your business! You can easily add all required knowledge to enable the Nero Chat Virtual Agent replying all frequently asked questions. Our Virtual Agent proactively starts chatting with your visitors allowing them more personalized self-help. You will be able to collect market intelligence and online leads 24/7. See How It Works
Question: How to add chat window to my website pages?
Answer: Follow these 3 simple steps and start chatting still today!
Step 1. Enter few contact details to sign up. After signing up, you can access our intuitive web-based dashboard.
Step 2. In the dashboard, the first thing you will see is an HTML code. Paste this HTML code to your website pages.
Step 3. After pasting the code, a chatting window will appear at the botton of your website pages. In the dashboard, you can now see who is browsing your website, initiate and respond to chats and convert your visitors into customers.


Question: I am logged in. How do I start?
Answer: The first person who signs up for the trial will be Administrator who have the ability to add/delete agents, manage domains and make the payments.
Question: How to add canned responses?
Answer: Canned Responses (pre-defined questions and answers) can be created the Administrator for every domain. These responses will be used by Virtual Agent and hints for human agents. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Virtual Agent. Add pre-defined messages here.
Question: How do I add shortcuts?
Answer: Every Agent can creat it's own shortcuts. Go to Dashboard's Chat section.
Write in the text field the template answer. For example: Hello, how can I help you today?
Press Ctrl+Alt+1 and you will save the shortcut.
In order to use the shortcut, click with mouse in the text field.
Press Alt+1 and you will see the saved template answer in text field.
You may save up to 10 shortcuts.
Question: How do I add agents?
Answer: Administrator can add and delete agents. It is done in the Dashboard, Settings, Agents section.
Different packages allow a different number of agents to be added* and logged in simultaneously.
*Administrator can add a twice of the number of subscribed agents.
Question: Does Nero Chat support multiple websites?
Answer: Yes, you can use Nero Chat to monitor multiple websites using a single interface in the Dashboard. Different packages allow a different number of domains to be added.

Chat window

Question: How do I hide my chat window when I’m offline?
Answer: We have created 3 offline modes for you:
The first option is to hide your chat window when you go offline. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Virtual Agent and disable contact form when offline.
The second option is to show contact form to allow your customers sending you emails when you are not online. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Virtual Agent and enable contact form when offline.
The third option is to enable a Virtual Agent to engage with customers when you are offline. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Virtual Agent and enable Virtual Agent when offline.
Question: Can I change eye-catchers?
Answer: Sure, you can change the eye-catchers as much as you want. You can choose different eye-catchers for different domains. Go to Dashboard, Settings, Themes. Choose the domain and the eye-catcher. Press Update.


Question: What payment modes do you accept?
Answer: The payments can be made by credit cards and PayPal. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.
Question: Do I have to commit for a long term contract?
Answer: No. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month. If you don't want to proceed with the service, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again. Compare plans here.