Live Chat To Stand Out From The Competition
March 1, 2013
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eCommerse and other online businesses are growing at an incredible rate, and with trillions being spent online for services, products and information each year it is important to get your business online as quickly as possible. One of the problems many people have with doing business online is that it is so impersonal and difficult to get good customer service. The best and most economical solution to that for businesses is by adding Live Chat software to their web pages.

Live Chat software can be added to virtually any website and it allows visitors to the site to quickly connect with live representatives from your company. This will give a more personalized experience to your customers and often helps by increasing sales. Rather than just having a website where people have to actively search for what they are looking for, customers can now ask for help and be directed to what they need. It can definitely help your site further stand out from the competition.

Live Chat Options

Live Chat tools such as Nero Chat can be added directly to your website to help improve the communication with your customers. Some of the most significant features of popular chat tools include:

  • STAND ALONE LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE - The service should offer a stand alone chat software.
  • SECURED CHAT – Ability to conduct secured chats on SSL secured pages (https).
  • PROACTIVE CHATS – Possibility to invite visitors to the chat by the company representative.
  • VISITOR TRACKING - A real time monitoring who is visiting your website.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES - When no agents are online, the visitors should have an option to leave you a message.
  • CUSTOMIZATION – Possibility to customize chat window or/and eye-catchers.
  • FREE TRIAL PERIOD – Evaluate the service for free without any obligation.

The list of benefits your company can enjoy by simply adding a live chat tool to your website are endless.These chat tools are the perfect combination of direct interaction with customers and allowing them to explore your products and services at their own pace. Most places find that having this tool on their website can help with increasing sales and even guiding customers to purchase the products or services which you want promoted. This is an excellent way to build the trust of a company and take advantage of the interactive communication which most clients desire when doing business online.

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