How To Generate Leads 24/7 through Virtual Agent
March 30, 2013
Author: Admin
Category: Virtual Agent

What happens to your business without leads?
It's a harsh reality, without leads your business will FAIL. No LEADS. No SALES. It is true that your website is a 24/7 lead generator, but the problem is that once visitors browse your website and don't find what they want, when they want it, they will click away without taking any action. One of the options to consider is adding a cost-effective 24/7 Virtual Agent service to your website.

What is Virtual Agent?
Virtual Agent is a software service. It is simulating a two-way text communication to engage consumers in a personalized conversation. Virtual Agent provides instant self-service on websites by supplying answers to predefined questions thus allowing fast access to the information.

How Virtual Agent Service works?
Once added to the web pages, Virtual Agent appears as a chat widget on the website. It pro-actively sends the first message to the web page visitors declaring that this is a Virtual Agent Service. This is just to set visitors' exceptions, not to mislead with a Live Chat service.
It is important for website owners who decide to use the Virtual Agent service to keep the knowledgebase of questions and answers up to date, extensive and always accurate. This is to give quality of the conversation for the success rate of the Virtual Agent.
Some Virtual Agent services are self-learning, which means they learn from the existing chats with Virtual Agent or Live chats. This information is automatically added to the knowledgebase, without a need to manually update with new information.

What are the major benefits of adding a Virtual Agent Service to the website?
Collect online leads - Virtual Agent is easily trained to collect online leads. Once a visitor browsing the website with a Virtual Agent service on it and can't find the required answers, services or products , the visitor can easily leave his email or phone number in the chat window. Visitor's requiest automatically sent to the website representatives. The visitor doesn't need to go to the contact us page, email or call the business. This is a win-win situation for the website owners and the visitors. For the website owners it is the easiest way to generate leads. For the visitors it is a personal, interactive and enhanced browsing experience.
Collect market intelligence - Use of Virtual Agent is an easy and cost effective way of collecting marketing intelligence. By analyzing conversations' content between consumers and Virtual Agent, the company can receive a "complete picture" on business performance such as products, shipments and purchases issues for better business decisions-making.