Automated Chat Agents as a Means of Lead Generation
Oct 19, 2014
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Lead generation is one of the essential early steps for a company’s branding and marketing. Social media is one option for lead generation, but it is certainly not an all-encompassing approach.

One of the techniques that is currently being explored by many business is the use of automated chat agents. Live chats on websites have only recently caught the attention of companies, and a considerable percentage of them are dispensing customer care agents and opting for virtual agents instead. These chats rely on sophisticated Artificial Emotional Intelligence software that creates a human-like chatting experience, albeit with the use of machines. Keywords from a customer’s queries are quickly matched with the database, and appropriate responses are given instantaneously. Automated chat software offer a level of accuracy that matches real-life experiences.

There are many advantages to such a system. Let us have a look at some of them.

Automated Chat Software Advantages

  • Companies can do away with the cost of employing and training a huge number of employees to attend to customers.
  • The software also detects when a customer has expressed interest in your website, but is leaving it without any activity. The chat window then pops up, and makes the customer feel that you are serious about having them buy from you. You can ensure conversion of traffic and boost sales with the use of a cost-effective customer support system.
  • Automated chat is a quicker way of responding to customer queries than live chat with real agents.

While it is true that machines cannot wholly replace humans in dealing with a human demographic, it is also true that the process of mechanisation in every sphere of life is increasing. In this particular case, perhaps it is better to have both software and human agents to attend to live chat, where the software may hold the attention of a floating customer for a while, if an agent is temporarily unavailable. An optimum blend of technology and human resources is the smart way forward for brands.

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